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Why Us

We just don't teach but Guarantee Results.

  1. Personalized Coaching : Students are taught with utmost care more like a Gurukul than  like a factory churning batches.
  2. Highly Qualified & Trained Faculty: Highly experienced as well as young & talented faculties with relevant experience in teaching, which are qualified from the central universities, top institutes like the IITs, NITs, and from other reputed institutes.
  3. Unmatched Results : Our students have achieved excellent scores in school and board examinations. They have secured scholarships in various examinations.
  4. Relevant Study Material and Test Papers: Every student  of  Foundation is given relevant study material and test papers specifically designed by subject experts on the basis of the latest examination pattern.
  5. Competitive Environment: Highly competitive environment motivates students to a focused learning approach that brings best results.
  6. Integrated Teaching Approach:  ‘Integrated Teaching Methodologies’ are adopted in order to prepare students for School/Board as well as other Competitive Exams.
  7. Special Classes: These classes help average students to attain the essential level required to crack the National Level Entrance Exams by sharpening their IQs.
  8. Revision Classes: These classes serve as a catalyst in strengthening the confidence of weak, non-serious and shy students along with the toppers.
  9. Strategically Located Centres: Our Centres are located in GARIA and KASBA.
  10. Powerful Mock Tests: Tests are conducted regularly and the results are sent to the students and parents through SMS and E-mail.
  11. Doubt Clearing Classes: Extra time is devoted to doubt classes where students can clarify their doubts on any topic from the respective subject teachers.
  12. Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM): It enables parents to interact with the concerned teachers and look into the progress of their child, thereby, familiarising them with their child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  13. Monthly Performance Report (MPR): This enables parents as well as students to track their progress and help them improve their performance.
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Our Features

Genius Brains wishes to impart holistic education to the knowledge hungry brains of Kolkata for their academic excellence. Our goal is to become a nurturing ground for every student's educational development, which will further make a remarkable change in the society.

Doubt Resolution By Experts

We arrange doubt clearing classes for students to clear any doubts.

Practice Tests/Quizzes/AIATS

Our teaching pedagogy is based on strategic tutoring and PRACTICE TESTS.

Student Performance Analytics

We deep dive into the results of previous years and customise the teaching pedagogy tailored to the student.

Mentoring Students

We guide students for productive and rewarding outcome by acting as mentors.